Invented by certified biomedical analyst Margareta Qadoumi at Karolinska Hospital.

Suitable for all disposable glove packs
The pack holder has been developed to be
suitable for all packs of 100-150 disposable
gloves used in healthcare settings, restaurants,
catering kitchens, delicatessens, etc.

Cleaner, uncluttered work surfaces
The holder saves space by hanging conveniently
beneath a shelf or cupboard. This makes it easier
to keep work surfaces clean and tidy.

Easily installed 
No screws or other fasteners are needed to install
the holder and it can easily be moved. Its design
ensures that it sits firmly in place. No wall mounting
is necessary.

Easily reached 
Placing the holder above the work surface means
it is always near at hand, providing easy access
to the gloves.

· Easy to hang on foot/headboards
· Sits firmly in place
· Can be autoclaved
· Made of medicallyapproved plastic

This patented and design-registered product
has been developed and produced by: MQ-grepp 

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